Affiliate Business Services

We offer both in-person and virtual amenities to support small- and medium-sized companies. Our amenities include private offices, podcast studios, a virtual kitchen/on-site restaurant, a photography studio, a music studio, and an event space.

Business Expansion

We are here to help facilitate growth and expansion for your business. Some of our popular expansion courses include:

Business Development Workshop (Client Focused)
Physical Development Workshop (Yoga, Line Dance, Zumba)
Networking Mixers (Growth & Opportunity)
Conversation Panels
Focus Groups
Virtual Assistant
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Virtual Address & Mailbox
Notary Services

Virtual Services

Virtual Assistant
We’ve partnered with A2B Virtual Associates to offer our members services such as social media management, travel management, financial services, and more! They're here to help take some of your work off your plate and allow you to focus on the parts of running your business that you love!

Virtual Address
Use our address as a virtual address for your business to increase legitimacy,save money instead of renting or leasing an actual space, and have access to our professional meeting spaces.

Virtual Mailbox
Are you a digital nomad or business owner that needs a place to receive mail? Use our virtual mailbox service! We’ll notify you when anything arrives for you and complementarity shred unwanted mail.

Life Coaching

Our facility has partnered with a life coach that will provide opportunity and a safe space for you to develop and build both in your personal and professional life.

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