Creative, Business
& Event Spaces

We offer both in-person and virtual amenities to support small- and medium-sized companies. Our amenities include private offices, podcast studios, a virtual kitchen/on-site restaurant, a photography studio, a music studio, and an event space.

Creative Studio Rental

Transform your space into a haven for intimate gatherings and brainstorming sessions. Whether it’s a relaxed sip & paint event, a productive content creation session, or a captivating book signing, our co-working space is tailored for diverse experiences. The flexible layout and creative ambiance offer the perfect backdrop for both artistic expression and intellectual exploration, making it an ideal venue to bring your ideas to life and share them with a like-minded community.
Equipment/Amenities Includes:

Private Entrance
Quality Lighting

Podcast Studio Rental

Our podcast studio features state-of-the-art equipment for new and seasoned podcasters. Your show has a story to tell and we want to help you tell that story. Our studio is easy and affordable which takes away part of the stress in the recording process.

Music Studio Rental

Our music studio will provide the essence an artist needs in order to create. Use the studio to grow and establish your music career while enjoying a creative space with others. We provide the equipment and you provide the voice and message that needs to be delivered.

Universal Audio UAD Apollo X8P
Audio Interface
Universal Audio UAD Sphere DLX Mic Modeling System
Neuman TLM102 Condenser Mic
Shure SM7B $400 Focal Solo 6 Studio Monitors (2)
Focal Sub 6 Subwoofer (1)
Audio Tecnica ATH0M50X headphones (8 pair)
Pro Tools Software Perpetual License
LogicKeyboard Mac Pro Tools
Mac Studio Computer, Keyboard, Mouse
Logic Pro Software
Final Cut Pro Software
55” Samsung Computer Monitor

Workstation Rental

Our workstations allow members to work independently but in a space with other like-minded individuals. Entrepreneurs, Freelancers or Work from Home individuals will enjoy our space and the many amenities that come with it such as virtual mailboxes/addresses, virtual assistants, on-site restaurant, and access to life coaches. To assist you throughout the day, you will have access to copy/fax machines, free WiFi, office supplies and laptops available to rent.

If you are in need of a private area, we offer a private office to rent on a daily basis. The private office can comfortably fit 3-4 guests. As a member, you will have access to this office for a certain amount of time based on your membership package. If you're not currently a member, you can simply do a drop-in rate when needed.

Conference Room Rental

For members who need more space to meet with their team, our conference rooms are available for you to brainstorm and create. Conduct introduction meetings, strategizing sessions or weekly meetings in a space meant for you. Afterwards, enjoy a beverage at our bar or a delicious meal in our restaurant. Our conference room comfortably fits 6-8 guests and as a member you can rent the space based on your membership package.

Business Space Rental

If you currently own a business and need space to rent for your company, Create A Space is the perfect venue. Host your seminars, classes, trainings, product sampling, or any business event to assist your company and brand.

Ghost Kitchen Rental

Hungry to grow your new restaurant? Our Ghost Kitchen is the perfect place to start. We have commercial equipment and self-serve stations that will allow customers to access your menu easily. Let us help you create dishes and drinks for the city to enjoy.

Event Space Rental

Unlock the potential of our co-working space for your next networking event or celebration. Our venue of 1200 sq.ft is available for rental, providing a versatile and dynamic setting for gatherings that range from professional networking events to joyous celebrations. With adaptable spaces, modern amenities, and a supportive environment, we offer the ideal backdrop for fostering connections or marking special occasions. Elevate your events by choosing a venue that seamlessly blends functionality with a vibrant atmosphere. You will also have access to audio equipment, microphones and sound system.

Starting From $100/hour
- 55 Seats Included (Additional Seating Available)
- Catering & Bar Access Included

Please call 440.569.1075 or email for any event space rental questions.